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Why At Home Covid-19 Test Kit is The Best

Sushil Singh | 18 May, 2021

            Covid-19 Test Kit

As the world struggles to face the challenge of Covid-19 pandemic, testing has become all the more important. People are rushing towards clinic and testing centers for getting themselves tested at the slightest glimpse of Covid-19 symptom. It has been found that many people who visit test centers without Covid-19 actually bring them home because of their interaction with other real Covid-19 positive patients. To prevent such occurrences, there is only one option –at-home covid test kit

What are At-Home Covid Kits?

At-Home Testing Kits are those kits that allow you to test yourself for Covid-19 from the comfort of your home. As you do not go outside, the chance of bringing the virus home is zero. Mostly, there are three type of Covid-19 Home Test kits:

  • Antibody testing kit
  • Antigen testing kit
  • RT-PCR testing kit

The first two kits look for the presence of antibody and antigen. Although these kits do provide results, they cannot always be trusted, at least at an earlier stage. As both antibody and antigen kits find the correct results at a later phase of infection, the whole point of testing is rendered moot as the tested person would have already infected many people around him before the test could come positive.

Amongst the three, only the RT-PCR testing kit At Home can provide immediate results, which is why; it is deemed as the best - at-home covid test kit

The Importance of Testing Lab

No matter which testing kit you choose, it can only provide the correct results if it is tested at a dependable lab. In the US, CLIA certified labs are the gold standards for Covid-19 RT PCR testing.

Citation Bioscience makes use of the best CLIA certified labs in the country, which ensures the highest accuracy of corona virus tests. It uses a simple and effective sample collection method, in which, the sample is collected at home. All the user has to do is spit in the sample box and send it back to a pre-determined address. The sample is then tested at the CLIA certified lab and the results can be provided as fast 24-48 hours.

The accuracy of this testing methodology along with the fact that it is not risky makes it the best option for every one suspecting Covid-19 infection.

So, if you are feeling feverish or encountering other Covid-19 symptoms, don't just search for instant covid testing near me . Look for the Covid-19 kit online at Citation Bioscience, and safeguard yourself and your family.