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Why A Definitive RT-PCR Covid-19 Test Is Better Than 10 Quick Antibody Tests

Sushil Singh | 07 May, 2021

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Testing for Corona Virus is a topic of grave importance. Scientists and doctors have all the information that is needed to understand the efficacy of different tests, but when it comes to common folks the information is quite hazy and unclear. For a layman, the meaning and value of a test is vastly different from someone who is an expert. Case in point being, a traveler would vote for a quick antibody test to expedite his journey and not really bother about the details of how effective it is. This attitude is quite common across different groups of people.

Covid-19 has had a damaging impact on human psyche and there are many people out there who just want to get the test done irrespective of its accuracy. It is simply human nature to ignore details when the immediate results are much more beneficial. But this approach is actually a travesty. The fact that this disease spreads so fast amongst family members and groups of employees working in a confined workspace makes it all the more important that the testing methodology is prioritized over everything else. There simply cannot be no compromise, if we want to stay healthy and prevent our loved ones from contracting this deadly and highly infectious virus.

Antibody and Antigen Testing

For a long period after the Covid-19 spread was recognized, the preferred testing methodologies were antibody and antigen testing. For those who are unfamiliar, antibody testing is the identification of immune system response i.e., presence of antibodies in the system. If antibodies are present, it means that person is infected or was infected in the past.

Antigen testing is aimed at finding the proteins that are present on the virus itself. When a person is infected, these proteins are easily found in the body, which indicate the presence of the virus. Antigen testing became popular because it allowed for rapid testing. However, this type of testing has very low sensitivity to the virus. In other words, you can get a lot of false-positives and -negatives after you use an antigen test kit.

Both these tests have been pretty useful in diagnosing Covid-19, but their actual effectiveness has always remained questionable.

RT-PCR: The Gold Standard of Covid-19 Testing

Whether you are using a Covid-19 antibody test kit or an antibody rapid test, there is always a chance that the test could be wrong. In contrast, RT-PCR, full form Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction, testing is much more effective in these terms. In the past, these tests were slow and took a lot of time. But now, you can easily use covid- 19 home test kit courier collection kit service to access this almost-foolproof testing methodology.

There is a reason why these tests are called the gold standard for Covid-19 testing. Have a look at some reasons for that:

  • RT-PCR tests identify the genetic info of the virus through its RNA. When compared with protein detection process, RNA detection method is much more concrete and conclusive.
  • They transcribe RNA to DNA, and create millions and billions copies to enhance the accuracy of test
  • It is possible to detect the virus at its onset, thus preventing it spreads amongst friends, families and colleagues

The only drawback of RT-PCR Home testing is that they are relatively costly and a bit more time consuming.

RT-PCR: Test Once and Stay Tension Free

One thing that everyone needs to understand is that regardless of how many times you test via antigen and antibody testing methodologies, the chances of getting the right result do not improve considerably. So, even though they are cheap, there is not a lot of value to them in terms of accuracy.

On the other hand, RT-PCR (although not 100% accurate), has a greater chance of detecting the virus in one-go. Hence, you are always in a better position to make a decision after getting tested via RT-PCR.

Simplify Testing with Covid 19 Care Home Test Kit Collection

Covid 19 care home test kit collection services can now be availed through trusted online portals such as Citation Bioscience. You can order the test kit at home, take a sample and send the kit back to a CLIA certified lab. You can get results in 24-48 hours, which is still pretty quick. Although the cost can be on the higher side, the chances of correct diagnosis are really high.