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The Risk Of Covid-19 Exposure At Testing Sites

Sushil Singh | 16 December, 2020

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COVID-19 RT PCR Testing is extremely important for understanding how pervasive the disease is and whether or not you are infected and spreading the virus at any given time. Each state has chosen to handle testing differently. Some offer state-wide facilities in parking lots or open spaces. Some pharmacies have taken up and are offering drive through and walk up tests, and some healthcare facilities are billing for tests through insurance. 

But regardless of whether you are driving up, walking up, or scheduling an appointment for your COVID-19 test, one thing is abundantly clear, COVID-19 RT PCR Testing sites are full of people who are likely to already have COVID-19. If you have been taking self-isolation seriously, then reporting to a testing site may present a significant chance of exposure. If any of the people around you or the healthcare professional administering the test are positive and shedding the virus, then you may contract it directly from them. That being said, it is vital to get tested if you have had direct exposure or if you are feeling under the weather. If visiting a testing site is your only option at the moment, then you should arrive assuming that everyone you interact with is positive, and take the necessary precautions. 

Here are some tips for staying safe if you must visit a testing site: 

  • Keep your mask on at all times, only lower the mask at the moment the test is administered. COVID-19 is airborne, so if you leave your mask down you run the risk of inhaling an infected person’s respiratory droplets.
  • If it is a drive up facility, keep your window up until the moment you need to take the test. If someone needs to confirm your name or insurance information, either communicate right through the glass or roll down your window a crack so that they can hear you more clearly.
  • If it is a walk up test, remain at least six feet away from anyone else at the testing site, preferably more. If a line forms, speak up if someone is getting too close to you. Remember that you may be in line with people who are actively shedding the virus, so stay firm on your personal boundaries.
  • Watch the testing procedure to make sure that the person administering the test is changing their gloves and properly sanitizing surfaces in between every testing subject. If you notice that they are not properly cleaning between each test, leave the testing site and either visit another day or find another testing site to visit.
  • Sanitize your hands and any surfaces the person administering the test touched before leaving. Make sure to rub the sanitizer into your hands until your hands are dry, and keep sanitation wipes in your car in order to wipe down your phone, insurance card, car door handle, or anything else someone who could be positive may have touched.
  • The easiest option being the at home testing that we provide, where you get the RT PCR Home Test Kit and self sample and send it back to Citation Bioscience. 

Remember, testing is a necessary part of tracking this disease. Do not let fear of contraction stop you from doing your civic duty. Just take precautions, stay alert, and sanitize everything in order to prevent exposure at a testing site.