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The Pandemic is Still not Over, Test Timely with Home PCR Covid Test

Sushil Singh | 06 July, 2021

            instant covid test kit at home

Many people are suffering from the false sense of security due to a depreciation in the number of Covid-19 cases. The statistics do not lie, and indeed the pandemic is on a decline, but the threat is still there. The Covid-19 genetic code is mutating and it is behaving in a strange manner.

Although the vaccines are still effective against a wide range of mutant strains, they are not 100% foolproof. There is still a lot about the virus that is not known to medical experts, which is why, they are preaching caution to the general public. So, it is important to follow Covid appropriate behavior and perform home PCR covid test if one experiences related symptoms.

Why PCR Test Home Delivery Is the Best Way to Diagnose Covid-19?

RT PCR self test kit is a specialized test that requires lab experts for it to be performed correctly. PCR test home delivery is your safest bet to get this test done.

Unlike the antigen instant covid test kit at home that can be used correctly by laymen, RT-PCR is a specialized test. But if you venture outside to get this test done, you run the risk of contracting the virus from unsafe places.

The at home PCR test kit provided by Citation Bioscience is highly accurate and almost always provides correct results, that too in a timely manner.

Timely results are very important as they prevent the spread of the disease to near and dear ones. A symptom-less person does not get diagnosed correctly using antigen and antibody kits, especially at an earlier stage of the infection. Quality RT PCR self test kit are the only way to discover the virus at its onset.

Find The Best Covid Test at Citation Bioscience

Citation Bioscience is your best place to access the best covid test kits. Moreover, the RT-PCR tests by Citation Bioscience are performed at CLIA certified labs that are approved by the government to perform these tests.

The kits provide by Citation Bioscience require a spit sample instead of a painful nasal swab. The painless process is a respite to those who are worried about getting hurt during the testing process. The sample is collected in a hazard-proof box to prevent its spread and contamination. Everything is handled expertly, ensuring the best care of the general public taking these tests.

Citation Bioscience delivers the results between a time window of 24 to 48 hours.