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The Importance Of Understanding The Basics Of Covid-19 Testing Mechanisms

Sushil Singh | 31 May, 2021

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Corona virus has come across as a major challenge for the entire world. The economies of different countries are impacted adversely due to the rampant rise of the disease and enforced lockdowns by federal and state governments. Experts believe that testing is the only way to counteract the ill-effects of the pandemic. However, not all testing methods are considered to be accurate. As a result, there are many false-positive and false-negative diagnosis, which are adversely impacting the fight against Covid-19. It is vital for people to understand the truth behind the various testing methods, their efficacy and how common folks can get themselves tested.

Is It Worth Understanding The Technicalities?

For a layman, it won't always be a good idea to get into the nitty-gritty of Covid-19 testing. But in order to find the right test for yourself, you should at least know the basics. Being familiar with Covid-19 test procedure is an added advantage. It can help you and your families stay safe in these testing times.

Important Covid-19 Tests in 2021

There are many Covid-19 tests in the market. Each one of them has its pros and cons. Have a look:

Antibody Testing

In the earlier phases of Covid-19 spread, antibody testing was the primary mode of testing in most countries. Due to its low cost and short time of diagnosis, it was heavily utilized all around the globe.

For a layman, an antibody test can be understood as a method that looks for antibodies, which are produced by the body as a response to the disease. Another name for antibody test is serology testing.

The most common way to perform an antibody test is by taking a blood sample from the patient. After that, the sample is tested for the presence of two antibodies, which are generally triggered by the human immune system:

  • IgG antibodies
  • IgM antibodies

Amongst these two antibodies, the IgM antibody is found at the early onset of the disease. On the contrary, the IgG antibodies are discovered much later.

Antibody tests are not always very accurate, and have a tendency to show results late. They have higher statistical significance and are commonly used at many places, but when it comes to effective diagnosis, they are not considered very useful.

Antigen Testing

An antigen is any foreign particle encountered by the body and its immune system. Covid-19 is perceived as an antigen, so it makes good sense to check the body for its presence. Antibodies created by the body serve the purpose of fighting antigens.

There are many rapid antigen tests available in the market, which promise to diagnose the disease quickly. As an antigen test is used for diagnosing an active infection, it is considered to be more useful than the antibody test.

The working principle of antigen tests is to detect the protein related with Covid-19 virus. Another name for antigen testing is lateral flow testing.

PCR Testing

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing is now considered to be the most trusted Covid-19 diagnosis technique. The USP of PCR testing lies in its ability to discover the virus before the symptoms begin to appear in the body. As a result, these tests actually help prevent the spread of the disease. Patients who are diagnosed can be isolated before they show symptoms. As it is hard to spread the disease without any respiratory discharge, people who are tested early with PCR testing are less likely to spread the disease than those who are tested with the other two methods.

PCR testing has evolved over time and it has many variations. The most effective PCR technique is called RT-PCR tests. This diagnosis method is aimed at finding the genetic information of the virus i.e. RNA. The RT in RT-PCR stands for reverse transcription.

It is a known fact that RNA is very challenging to work with. Therefore, RT process is used to create a DNA complement for the relevant RNA strand. When DNA complement is created, the PCR process amplifies it and it becomes easier to diagnose the disease.

Covid-19 Test at Home for Convenience and Safety
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