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How To Get Tested For Covid-19 While Self Quarantining

Sushil Singh | 16 December, 2020

            Covid-19 Test Home

If you believe that you have had a direct exposure to COVID-19, have engaged in risky behavior like traveling, or simply feel under the weather, you should seek a COVID-19 RT PCR Test. If your result is positive, you should follow the recommended guidelines for recovery, stay away from other people for at least 14 days, and inform anyone you may have seen recently that you have tested positive in order to urge them to be tested themselves.
When you are self-quarantining, the thought of leaving your home for a test may seem irrational, but it is vitally important to take a COVID-19 PCR Test both so that you can monitor your own health and so medical professionals and epidemiologists can better track the spread of this disease. 
If you are self-quarantining, here are several steps you can take in order to get yourself a COVID-19 PCR Test: 
  • Determine your own personal risk level. Are you comfortable going to a walk up testing site or would you prefer to stay isolated in your own car? If neither of those sound appealing, you can look for urgent care facilities and doctor’s offices in your area that test based on appointment. If an at-home test is available, that will be your best option for maintaining quarantine while also getting your COVID-19 infection status.
  • Once you have decided which type of testing center you would like to visit, research centers near you. Make sure that they are open on the day you want to visit, and confirm that you either do or do not need an appointment.
  • If you need an appointment, make one.
  • Don a mask before even leaving your house. If you are driving your own car to a testing site, then make sure you have a plan for sanitizing commonly touched surfaces before you get home.
  • Do not deviate from your path to the testing center. Maintain your self-quarantine by driving directly to the testing center and back.
  • If you are in the midst of some sort of mandated quarantine, call ahead to the testing center to let them know your status. If they do not want you to come, they will tell you at this point.
  • Drive straight home after the test. Sanitize everything and launder your clothes right away. This is the best way to keep your home as clean as it can be even if you need to venture outside of the house for a test. 
Remember that COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease. We have been dealing with this pandemic for close to a year, so it is understandable that a continued self-quarantine will feel extreme to some people at this point. Staying away from others is the best way to stay safe and protect yourself from this disease. Continuing to socially distance is still a good idea at this point, even if it feels tedious and unnecessary. The harder we all work to stay safe and healthy at this point, the faster this pandemic will come to a close. So stay at home, get a test if you need one, and stay as healthy as possible during these trying times. Citation Bioscience can help with your at home or at office testing.