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Don’t Ignore Symptoms, Fight Mutating Virus via Covid-19 Test Home Collection Kit

Sushil Singh | 05 July, 2021

            covid-19 test home collection kit rapid pack

Covid-19 virus is constantly mutating and creating new problems for people. It is a vicious disease that has been prevalent for the better part of past two years. Although we are very much familiar with its primary symptoms, unfortunately, those are changing as well. A general sense of fear has gripped the world. It is all the more reason for us to be more cautious than ever before and fight the disease with our full might. Diagnosing the virus at an early stage is still the best way to prevent its spread. It can be done by using a Covid-19 Test Home Collection Kit.

The Reason why Covid-19 is Mutating and are Standard Kits Still Useful

Covid-19 virus is also a living organism. As the human body learns to fight it, the virus changes its form to survive. The change in its DNA causes the spike protein to alter. So, its transmission propensity increases and the probability of severe complications also rise.

Due to the dangers associated with mutated Covid-19, it is important to diagnose this virus at an earlier stage. During the earlier times when Covid-19 was fairly new, people were using antigen and antibody kits. Though these kits are still capable of finding the presence of virus, they only give accurate results when the body has either triggered an immune response or the virus has spread.

In contrast, RT PCR Home Test Kit are capable of finding virus in symptomless patients, that too, at an earlier stage. Considering the rising dangers of the mutated virus, it has become essential to use RT PCR self test kit that are conclusive.

Instead of dallying with other less-than-optimal kits, one should go for the kits provided by recognized vendors such as Citation Bioscience in the US.

Why Choose a Recognized Vendor?

The reliability of the kit and the place where the test is performed are crucial for the correct diagnosis of the disease. At Citation Bioscience, the kits are tested at a CLIA-certified lab. It means that there is zero chance of inefficiency. 

At Citation Bioscience, you can purchase individual kits and also covid-19 test home collection kit 4 kits or covid-19 test home collection kit 6 kits. The bundle packages are very good for professional workspaces. Buying in bulk also allows you to access a lower price per kit.

Citation Bioscience has been setting new benchmarks of quality, assurance and safety. We take utmost caution while testing and delivery process, so that your loved ones are never at risk.