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Covid-19 Testing Kit Find The Perfect Test To Keep Your Family Fighting Fight

Sushil Singh | 07 May, 2021

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Covid-19 battle is the mother of all fights that we humans are fighting for the better part of past one year. It has caused great challenges and tested our patience and strength. But unlike in the past, we now have access to covid-19 testing kit products that offer guaranteed results. Amongst many kits such as covid 19 antibody test kit, antigen testing kits and RT-PCR kits, the last one is considered to be the most effective in identifying Covid-19.

How Does RT-PCR Kit Works?

RT-PCR is the benchmark method for identifying Covid-19 RNA’s presence in the human body. One of the greatest aspects of RT-PCR testing methodology is that it allows the scientists to view the outcome immediately.

RT-PCR kits require a sample of human saliva, either via nose mucus or spit. The quality of sample also determines the quality of test, so the sample needs to be taken carefully by following the exact instruction if you are using a covid-19 test home collection kit rapid pack.

Once the sample is extracted, the lab testers try to recover the RNA from the sample, which can be a genetic cocktail of human and Covid-19 RNA (if the person is infected). The number of tests performed to get to this RNA is an indicator for the diagnosis.

The reason why RT-PCR is preferred over covid 19 antibody test kit is because of its high sensitivity to the virus. It is also a convenient mode of testing and prescribed by physicians all across the globe. Even WHO vouches for RT-PCR tests over other testing methodologies.

Get Tested at Home for Added Safety and Convenience

The mutation of Covid-19 virus has caused great dangers for general public, especially while venturing outside. The value of a reliable testing kit at home cannot be undermined. With Citation Bioscience, you can access the best Covid-19 home testing kit, which is always tested at a CLIA certified lab. The results are mostly correct, much more correct than other available methods.

The method of performing the testing is simple and the results are made available to you in a very short time period. Home testing kits are the ideal safety measure, which is required to keep you and your family fighting fit in these highly turbulent and testing times. Moreover, the cost of tests is also low when you order online from Citation Bioscience’s online portal, especially when you purchase the test kits in batches.